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Programs & Courses

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40 days


6 weeks of Workouts designed to set the stage for long-term muscle growth

Over 6 hours of high-level Exercise Execution instructional videos

Detailed Nutrition Manual to enhance your physique transformation success

In-depth Training Manual written to make you re-think how you approach training

Easy to follow Exercise Execution Guide you can take to the gym

Supplement Guide for getting the absolute most out of the program

Optional Extras available during the order process.


Backing-up Ben’s claims of, “TWICE the Muscle, in HALF the Time”, MI40-Foundation has REVOLUTIONISED the training world!

The program is an education for domination, laying the groundwork for LIFELONG muscle-building success!

From novice gym goers, to pro-bodybuilders, client after client reports just one regret after buying the program…

….having not picked it up sooner!

Simply put, own MI40-Foundation, OWN your results!