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Mi40 Foundation

My flagship program with over 100,000 copies sold. It’s 40 days of intense, day by day instruction and muscle building workouts.

You’ll discover:

How to keep your body in an anabolic state by not breaking down your hard-earned gains when you consume this ONE amino acid every 2-3 hours. I’ll show you which protein sources contain this in abundance.

The quickest, easiest way drastically reduce serum cortisol levels to put you in an “anabolic window”. Discover the 3 minor supplements you should use to control cortisol.

Why most lifters can’t maintain good health and maximize their body at the same time. HINT: it’s not 1987 anymore so you need to stop following this advice now!

How to use Neurological Overload Sets (N.O.S.) to blast through plateaus. This was my secret to helping even the most veteran lifters improve growth.

The 10 simple rules every lifter must know to master their body. You’ll refer to these over and over again if maximum growth is your goal.

The missing link to consuming more carbohydrates without getting fat. Ignore this advice at your own risk.

Increase muscle tension by lifting much lighter than you’d expect. Once someone starts using the techniques described in MI40-Foundation, is it very normal for their weights to drop

The one nutrient you should ALWAYS use before a workout. It’s an instant source of energy to fuel your training help produce mental focus.

The biggest rule to remember about nutrition to keep you from going insane. It’s why “one size fits all” diets never work.

How to manipulate the 3 basic “Phases” of your day in order to pack on muscle and burn fat. This works in a 24-hour timespan and over the long haul.

The truth about stopping cortisol. Why it’s impossible and when to control it to release this fat melting hormone.

The secret meal you should eat to feel good during a workout and improve your mood. These 2 things will help you keep the intensity high in a workout without burning out.

The missing link to help increase testosterone naturally. No need for expensive supplements. These 3 will do more for you while saving your hard earned money.

Learn the one anabolic formula designed to ensure your body gets everything it needs to recover from an aggressive lifting session. This is paramount to success in the MI40 program.

It’s not that important to time when you take your supplements - right? Wrong! Know what to take pre workout, at the start, 30 minutes into it, and post workout.

The muscle martini that beats run of the mill protein shakes. I used this exact recipe to help me win bodybuilding competitions.

Can the right carbohydrates at the right time improve your growth? Learn what to eat and when, to keep you on the FAST TRACK to building muscle.

What I personally recommend healthy people do to overcome insulin resistance. These 3 ways help ensure your muscular development throughout the entire program.

Think you need to train in the evening for best results? Think again! I lay out the exact plan you should follow depending on whether you work out in the morning, afternoon, and night.

The 10, foundational, protein sources you’ll want for maximum growth. Plus, how to combine them to get the optimal amount of BCAA’s to fuel your muscles.

The only fat sources I recommend to serious lifters looking for a nutritional advantage. Ethically ramp up your body’s hormone production for maximum effect.

The secret 3 phase nutritional support responsible for my meteoric rise in muscle growth and fat loss. Though simple in its approach, it’s rooted in solid science.

The easiest way to ensure your diet supports your gains in the gym. Learn how to calculate your “anabolic number” with this simple formula.

The sneaky way to ramp up digestion and eat more food without feeling bloated or full. This one supplement helps create the right environment in your stomach so your body breaks down food, fast!

10 carbs necessary for optimal muscle gain. Your body will crave these when it comes time to recover.

The 4 variables that most trainers and athletes know nothing about. This program takes into account everyone of them so your muscles have no choice but to grow!

The right and wrong thing to focus on during each rep. Hint: muscles don’t know how much weight you are using. They only this one thing.

My perfect pre-workout, muscle building, and overall-health supplement stack. Plus, muscle building supplements for the budget conscious.

And much, MUCH more!

What is mi40 Foundation

MI40 Xtreme

My best selling, university tested program for maximum muscle in 6 weeks. Experience the “cell expansion protocol” and NOS-X in what will surely be one of the hardest workouts you’ve ever completed. Do this program ONLY after you’ve completed MI40 Foundation.

You’ll discover:

The science behind why intraset stretching and the Cell Expansion Protocol can lead to massive growth. In a university study the test subjects gained an average of 13 pounds more than the control group.

The one thing you must not do in the morning if you want your body to continue burning fat. I’ve taught this to all my students with incredible results.

24 core exercises that are the foundation to this university tested protocol. If it’s not on the list, ignore it!

Can this breakfast actually improve workouts? My recommendation has been shown to improve focus and mental drive, both of which you will need over the next 40 days of training.

The trick to massive growth is about eating more - right? Nope! It’s about eating more of the right things at the right time to avoid gaining fat.

The bonus phase in the workout protocol that most weight gains will come from. This supercompensation period is the culmination of all your hard work.

The single most important tool to quickly generate your nutritional guides each week. New! No you can download and print your nutritional guides - no more calculating your macros by hand

Sluggish, tired, and feeling beat? From my experience, almost 90% of people improve their performance by removing this one thing from their pre-workout meal.

Diet perfection is a myth. Even if you were to stick to this diet 60% of the time, it will be much better than any other one size fits all approaches.

Already lean and want to gain faster? Here’s my go-to supplement stack for hard gainers.

How to use metabolic recalibration to ensure your glycogen gets fully depleted - and why that matters. This will lay the foundation for all future fat loss in the program.

How to use the MI40-X nutrition program to optimize each of the six phases of the MI40-X workout program. This workout is tough! The proper nutrition keeps you from feeling burnt out in the gym.

Want to lean up more while putting on Muscle? These are must-have supplements I recommend to keep you from losing hard earned muscle.

The sneaky place estrogen likes to hide. Aromatase is the enemy of muscle gain. Discover your body’s natural defense against excess estrogen, the leaner you get.

How to maintain insulin sensitivity even on cheat days. You read that right. I encourage all lifters looking for maximum growth to strategically use cheat days.

Testosterone is the most anabolic substance your body produces - right? Wrong! This is the hormone you must manage properly through nutrition. It’s also the easiest to control.

The missing link to fine-tune muscular contractions and execution. This is the phase I recommend everyone do before beginning MI40-X.

How to use metabolic recalibration to ensure your glycogen gets fully depleted - and why that matters. This will lay the foundation for all future fat loss in the program.

5, no-fluff, bonus videos that walk you through how to master muscle contraction, progressive overload, and optimize rest days. And that’s not even the half of it.

Don’t have time to figure out carb and calorie cycling? Not to worry! The MI40-X nutrition protocol does it for you based on where you are in the program.

Do you geek out about the science of muscle building? The C.E.P. Application and C.E.P. Blueprint lay out the science behind why this program is so brutally effective.

And much, MUCH more!

What is mi40 Xtreme