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Introducing “The Power and Performance Community,” an exclusive monthly membership program for men, now available at a special rate of $97/month, significantly discounted from its original value of over $497/month.

This community is for advanced trainers only. It’s designed for experienced men who have taken my courses in the past.

The Power and Performance Community is a premium monthly membership program led by Ben Pakulski, a renowned Canadian Bodybuilding Champion and Performance Coach to elite executives and professional athletes.

Centered around the four core virtues of wisdom, integrity, leadership, and strength, the community is committed to rebuilding strong men and aiding them in reclaiming their masculinity.

With two calls per month guided by Ben Pakulski, members will delve into diverse aspects of personal growth and performance beyond muscle building, aiming to elevate every area of their lives.

This exclusive community is an ideal option for healthy, fit, and successful men seeking to transcend conventional training and truly transform their lives.

  • Join Meetings Every 2 weeks
    Members are invited to join bi-weekly calls with Ben, a high-level performance coach and optimization expert, his team of Coaches, and the Muscle Intelligence Community. These calls are valued at thousands of dollars.
  • Includes Exclusive Monthly Workouts
    Hit your individual goals through monthly workouts focused on strength, hypertrophy, or fat loss.
  • Exclusive Access to Ben & Other Experts to Answer Your Questions
    Find out exactly which supplements you need and learn everything you need to know to be more effective in achieving your goals.

*Due to the time commitment and direct involvement I have in the Power and Performance Community, we are limiting this deal to the first 100 people to join.

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