Strip Off All The Fat
& Carve Out 6 Pack Abs

After 40 Days On The MI40-Foundation Program!

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After 40 days on MI40-Foundation, you will want to show off what you’ve been working so hard for in the gym.


Perhaps it’s something big you have planned. Like a sunny two-week vacation or a cruise, a hot-date, a photo-shoot, or maybe you just want to shock your friends when you peel your shirt off at the beach or pool. Whether you want to dial in your six-pack abs immediately after MI40-Foundation or for a future event, these exclusive upgrade components will explain how to manipulate a few factors with your nutrition, workouts & supplements to torch off any extra body fat hiding your defined muscles!


NOTE: The components below include principles that remain IDENTICAL whether you need two weeks, three weeks or ten days to reveal your abs. One thing is for sure, the 2 Weeks to Shredded Fat Burning Package is designed to get you as lean as you desire so you can show off amazing washboard abs.

The 14-Day Fat Burning System Includes:

Component 1

Two Weeks To Shredded Guide

In this step-by-step online video (and accompanying booklet), I’ll walk you through everything you must do to lean down and get shredded after forty days on MI40-Foundation. The main focus of this two-week guide will be manipulating your daily menu to harden up while maintaining virtually every ounce of your muscle. We’ll cover cardio, supplements, and training as well, but those are merely the icing on the cake. The bulk of your results will come from what you eat.


Realize that crafting a MASTERPIECE takes time and two weeks is not a long time, but by using these principles you can maximize the progress you can make in that tight timeframe.


After utilizing this step-by-step info, you’ll see why my clients coin me, “The Master Molder”, and you’ll get the opportunity to show off all your hard work and avoid looking like a sack of potatoes the next time you walk around shirtless. After 6 weeks on MI40-Foundation and then “2-Weeks To Shredded”, PLEASE send me your insane before and after pictures. I probably won’t recognize you!


$47 Value

$27 Value

Component 2

“Burn Fat, Not Muscle” Interval Workouts

Whatever your feeling towards cardio, it’s a requisite if your goal is to confidently show off your hard, muscular body.


In this online video, I’ll teach you how to burn more bodyfat, in less time, by incorporating my “trade-secret” interval workouts into your cardio training.


Workouts are designed to ensure you’re burning fat and keeping your hard-earned muscle, and I’ll walk you through everything you need: frequency of sessions, timing of cardio, supplements to help, rotating equipment, length of workout, intensity style, and how to make progress.

Component 3

Ben’s Go To ‘Get Ripped Abs’ Program!

No fat burning package would be complete without a program to give you hardcore chiseled abs by the time you reach the finish line!

Enter my go to Ripped Abs in record time program!


We all want a sweet carved set of abs, but most people have no idea how to train properly to really make them ‘pop’! How often have you seen a skinny guy who works out but has a mediocre midsection? Pretty common, right?

With detailed video demonstrations of the best ab exercises and an intelligent set of workouts to follow, your midsection will be looking more washboard and less ironing board come the end of your fat loss journey!

Whether you want abs like a fitness model or an IFBB Pro, you will be in MUCH more control of how far you take them with this.

Pick up this package and soon you’ll be getting those admiring glances next time you’re at the beach… or alone with your honey (wink wink).

$47 Value

Add that all up and the total value of my 2 Weeks to Shredded Fat Burning Package is $121.


In short, if you want the strategies to make body fat disappear into thin air in the shortest amount of time, and if you’re serious about seeing what your body looks like under 6% bodyfat, then this will get you there. Take advantage of receiving the entire 14 Day Fat Burning System: not for $121.00, not even for half that, but for a full 75% off the retail price:




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