Let Me Practically BUILD YOUR ULTIMATE BODY FOR YOU… With my Personalized Meal Plan Accelerator Package To Accelerate Your Gains and Save HUGE!

This is Ben Pakulski, creator of the MI40-Foundation System, and I want to CONGRATULATE you for getting your copy of my amazing system to double your gains, twice as fast.


Ask 10 bodybuilders about nutrition and you’ll likely get 10 different answers and I know you probably don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands to research the science. Luckily I’ve spent 18 years decoding the confusion for you. I know I wish I did when I started out!


Well, since you responded quickly, I’m having a ONE-DAY SPECIAL with my brand new upgrades to accelerate your results. The Accelerator Package includes 40-days of PERSONALIZED Meal Plans for massive muscle growth (written by yours truly!), my body-cleansing 7-Day Detox Diet, my 7-Day Primer Workout, my delicious Home-Made Shakes, and Alkalinizing Greens Drinks – all while saving an additional $625 during the launch celebration!

THE MI40-Foundation Custom Accelerator Package Includes:

Component 1

My 40-Day MASS Consumption Personalized Meal Plans

I don’t know what to eat.” “My body won’t grow.” “I gain more fat than muscle.” “What are the best food sources?” These are the most common excuses for having a poor / unhealthy diet… but that all ends – right now – with my customized 40-Day Mass Accelerator Meal Plans!!


Every single meal is designed to add quality muscle, not unwanted fat. Whether you have trouble getting your weight up, have to force in calories, or you have no trouble adding mass but struggle to deal with unwanted body fat accumulation, my Three-Phase Nutrition protocol is built right in, so that you can build your ULTIMATE body!


After you order, there is just one step…


Send me your most up to date stats, and I’ll get to work putting together 6 weeks of killer meal plans for you so that you can achieve your BEST ever results!

In this exclusive upgrade, hand-designed by yours truly (A.K.A; the Master Molder ;)), you’ll be told what to eat every single meal and every single day, meal by meal. 


No guesswork or number-crunching required!


$297 Value

$37 Value

Component 2

My 7-Day Detox Diet

In short, detoxify or die! It’s proven that environmental pollutants and disease-producing chemicals will negatively affect your gains in the gym. Testosterone levels can worsen, thyroid production decreases, and ability to recruit your high-threshold motor units is hindered.


The 7-Day Detox Diet helps cleanse your body of toxic overload, acid buildup, and inflammation – all factors robbing you of your gains.


Note: It is recommended you run the 7-Day Detox alongside the 7-Day Primer Phase before you commence MI40-Foundation for optimal results.

Component 3

My 7-Day Primer Workout

Consider this an automobile tune up. Before we take your body into 40 days of “next-level” training, it’s critical that you’re familiar with the exercises, weight selection and volume. Instead of jumping right into the deep end, we’ll start you in the shallow end for the first week and get you primed for the deep waters!


The 7-Day Primer Workout is a modified version of MI40-Foundation and you’ll get a week to familiarize yourself with NOS (a protocol that blows minds), some new exercise intensifiers, and a new kind of muscle soreness ;). Plus it’ll give you an extra week to organize your diet and supplements and ensure you’re ready to “dial” everything in perfectly. To build strength and spur significant new growth it’s critical you get an entire 6-weeks (40 days) of full-blown intensity.


Note: It is recommended you run the 7-Day Primer Phase along side the 7-Day Detox before you commence MI40-Foundation for optimal results.

$37 Value

$27 Value

Component 4

My Home-Made Muscle Shakes

Hate feeling sick after taking those high sugar and fat-filled weight gainers? Tired of paying $6 for a protein shake at the gym? Do protein shakes made from a tub or packet of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and fillers concern you?


Try out these delicious and 100% natural shakes to maximize your muscle growth and ensure you always have a constant supply of protein & nutrients throughout the day.

Component 5

My Alkalinizing Greens Drinks

I believe greens drinks are the single most underrated supplements, and this hand-designed guide will keep your body to build muscle and burn fat at rapid speeds by keeping your body alkalinized. An acidic (the opposite of alkaline) environment is catabolic. See how I make my greens TASTE GREAT!! It’s so simple and takes literally NO TIME at all.


If you want your body to be in an optimal environment for burning fat and building muscle, keeping your body in an alkaline state is of the utmost importance. Consuming two of these greens drinks each day will replenish your body’s essential nutrients and accelerate your digestion, absorption, and growth in no time!

$27 Value

As you can see, the total value of my Custom Meal Plan Accelerator Package has a real-world value of $625. My monthly 1-on-1 diet rates start at $500 a month for twelve months minimum and the knowledge obtained here is the same as what I share with my high-paying clients. In short, these upgrades should be a no-brainer decision if you want me to practically build the muscle for you!

And because I want you to experience max results over the course of the next 40 days, I’m going to offer you all of the components: not for $625, but for 85% off the retail price, and, of course, if you’re not happy, this entire package is backed up by my 60-day money back guarantee so this is a no-brainer decision!



NOTE: The MI40-Foundation Meal Plan Accelerator Package is completely digital. No physical products will be shipped.