I Understand That You’re Not Ready For Me To Write Your Custom Meal Plans Yet… However, I Still Want To Make Your Meals “Done-For-You”…


Whatever your body type, or your current weight and bodyfat percentage, I’ve created your perfect Incredible Bulk diet starting blueprint for the next 12 weeks. This removes all the guesswork for you, at an unbelievable price…


muscle building

The Incredible Bulk is all about dialing in your nutrition perfectly to get the fastest muscle growth humanly possible. And that takes some time, thought and planning. Unless…


…You want me to give you a “done-for-you” blueprint to set you up for the next 12 weeks.


Listen, I know you probably don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands to meticulously plan out your nutrition perfectly.


Luckily, I’ve created hundreds of these detailed meal plans already, for men (and women) with every body type imaginable. I’ll send you the perfect set of Incredible Bulk meal plans to match YOUR personal starting point – you’ll have the exact nutrition blueprint that YOU need to maximize your success from day 1, leaving you free to start your Incredible Bulk right away!


You’ll avoid all of the time-consuming meal planning and math, and be ensured that what you’re getting has been personally approved by me.

I’ll provide you with details on how you can contact me with the info I need, and I’ll have my team send you the VERY best meal plans I have available with which to get started on your Incredible Bulk.


I’ll send you 3 meal plans in total:


– your starting meal plan for the GROWTH Phase


– your starting meal plan for the Shred Phase


… and a meal plan for a special Transition Phase you can use to completely ELIMINATE the potential for muscle loss when switching from bulking to cutting! – the last thing you want is to lose any of those hard earned gains you’ve fought so hard for!


Whichever goal you decide to begin with, you’re are all set.


I wish someone offered me this ten years ago! It would have saved me a lot of time, effort and guesswork…


And since you’re just starting out on your first Incredible Bulk, and I want you to get the maximum results as easily as possible, I’m giving you a huge discount today on what I usually charge for this kind of detailed plan…


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