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Special One-Time
“Skip the Line” Invitation

Our coaching team is always flooded with applications, but there are a few key people who
stand out in every group. While we make an effort to call them as soon as we can, we don’t
always get a hold of them right away which delays their progress.
So, to make it easier for them and faster for you (ONLY if you’re serious
about getting results)… We want to invite you to skip the line when you
book your call now.

Step 1 of 2:
Before The Call

Please watch this video so you know exactly what to expect and how to best prepare for the call.

Step 2 of 2:
Prepare for the Call

To make the most of the time with your Muscle Intelligence coach, we’ve compiled some of the most commonly
asked questions that we often get during these conversations.
We hope that this will make you feel more confident and prepared prior to
speaking with our team.


What Makes Muscle Intelligence Coaching Different from all other programs?

How can I short cut my interview and stand out as a great coaching candidate?

What type of results are typical for new clients?

I don’t know which program is the best one for me. How will I choose

What types of people achieve the most drastic transformations?

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