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MI40-Nation Membership - $399 Annual
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Everything you need to take you from where you are now to where you want to be!


  • Enrolment into Ben’s 4-Month Hypertrophy Execution Mastery Course (+ a bonus Members-Only 5th Module!)
  • Access to ALL of Ben’s Current and FUTURE Flagship Programs (inc. MI40-Foundation, MI40-Xtreme, Ketogenic Muscle Intelligence, The Incredible Bulk, and more…)
  • Monthly Coaching Call Webinars with Ben
  • 3 years+ of high-level Member-Only Workout Plans from Ben
  • Invites to watch Live-Streaming events at the MI40-Gym
  • Ben's At-Home Workout Series
  • 300+ Exclusive Premium Videos
  • 100's of Premium Articles
  • 100's of Premium Gourmet Recipes
  • Ben's Core-40 Video Series
  • Ben's Stability & Activation Series
  • Access to Ben's Private Exercise Library
  • Discounts on products & services, including on Personalized meal plans & Muscle-Camps
  • And much more...


“About 1 month ago, I came across your program here at Mi40 and immediately purchased a program. I had found a few on youtube prior to, and like what I was hearing – and the application seemed to hit my muscles well. I have been at it for 1 month – and I simply have to say WOW. This is amazing. I am learning so much, and my muscles are really getting challenged. True story – 3 different people have approached me at the gym asking me what was going on!!! This is the best I have ever done! I am seeing improvements, I feel a much better pump, and I fell like I am truly challenging my muscles. Thank you!!”


“I found my legs improved the most as the volume of training was much greater than I normally would do. I would usually be gone from the gym after 40 minus and thought if I trained any longer it would be counter productive for a natural trainer, but I have found this is not the case with following Ben’s hour long training Sessions!! Thanks again.”


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